Ten Commandments for Cigar

One of the Ten Commandments: Take it as “Wei” and “Proud.” Cigars have always been the celebrity endorsement, but not all of them are celebrities, real cigars are often the performance of the calm and low-key, behind the smoke of calm, highlights the strength and content of a person, blindly use cigars as “props “The people who can show off with their power and prestige are mostly like those in the underworld. The ending is always embarrassing. The cigar smoker, who respects nature, made cigars and inadvertently gave them the characteristics of being calm and indifferent to fame and fortune.

Two of the Ten Commandments: Anxious and uneasy. When you enjoy cigars, you often have to eat in a hurry and you can’t breathe. Enjoying cigars is an enjoyable thing. It has a unique process and a relatively rigorous procedure. As Davidoff puts it, “Smoking cigars is a religious sacred thing.” Not only because of the process of alcoholization The process of smoking requires patience and a novel exploration. A restless person smokes a cigar like a thirsty person who drinks La Tourbourg wine. What’s more important is that the process of smoking cigars will give the patrons a calm gas field, and the restless people are incompatible with this unique gas field. The process of smoking and the appearance of the cigars are also natural. Distressed.

Three of the Ten Commandments: Shelved in the middle of the ring. With sufficient time guarantees, a cigar should be completely inhaled like a “dry toast” on the wine table. It is best not to give up halfway. In the process of smoking cigars, of course, pauses are allowed. Moreover, a pure hand-rolled cigar is automatically extinguished by knowingly, but the number of pauses should not be suspended as much as the basketball game, and it is also recommended not to suck the remaining half cigars into aluminum. Take a look at the despicable plan of leaving the front line for the future.

Four of the Ten Commandments: Quit smoking. When you are close to a cigar, you should forget about the habit of smoking cigarettes, including: inhale the smoke into the lungs, spray it from the nasal cavity, drop the soot from time to time, and finally twist the cigarette butt. Yes: Inhale slowly, let the smoke permeate in the mouth, and launch all the taste buds to savor the taste, just like tasting the most alcoholic wines. In the process, the soot was allowed to extend in the same place, watching it shut in front of the eyes without discoloration. This is because the cigar taste is destroyed when the temperature is too high, and the soot has a natural flame retardant effect. Finally put the exhausted cigar on the ashtray. Forced extinguishment will cause the scientist Ai to emit a very unpleasant odor.

Five of the Ten Commandments: To confuse cigars and cigarettes. Cigars are by no means large cigarettes and cannot be seen. Many people think that cigars are only larger and stronger cigarettes. In fact, cigars and cigarettes are not only different in cultural level, they are two different things. Cigars are an advanced social activity. Cigar lovers taste the taste of cigars with their taste buds, and then smell the smell of cigars with a sense of smell. If you can temporarily stop smoking habits, why not stop smoking? Do not smoke cigars for smoking cessation. This is not only impractical, but also more dangerous for smoking.

Six of the Ten Commandments: Abide by a Brand. The most intoxicating cigars are produced in Cuba. This is the truth. In addition to Cuba, Dominica, Honduras, Brazil and other places are major cigar production areas. Although the overall level was less than Cuba, they also performed well. Taking a step back, if everyone is left alone for a long time, they will inevitably be in short supply, causing the price to soar and the quality to decline. In the end, it will be the victims themselves.

Seven of the Ten Commandments: Guarding against chaos. In addition to celebrities, accompanied by cigars, it is often red wine. It is important to note here that, first of all, good wines and good cigars each have their own personality. The result of hard matches is likely to be a two-lost loss. Secondly, after you perceive the fact that most cigar dealers are also doing wine business, you have more reasons. It is suspected that the so-called perfect match of red wine and cigars is a commercial conspiracy that is not difficult to see. Of course, if wine and cigar can find a good match, of course, complement each other. If you do not know, bad wine, it would be better to give up and replace it with “clean water, coffee”. However, the following items are best included in the list of collocations for enjoying cigars:

(1) Completely relaxed mood and completely relaxed facial muscles;

(2) A large, comfortable sofa, or any seat that makes you feel comfortable;

(3) A relatively small space where the smoke from the cigar surrounds you.

The Ten Commandments of the Eight: Only the rough but the only one. Like our fingers, cigars come in different sizes. Each size of cigar has a different performance. Even if it is the same brand, the same origin and the cigar of the same factory period, the length and size of the cigar are different, and the taste is actually different. In addition to the personal tastes, the choice of size depends on the occasion, time, and even the size of the face and the thickness of the fingers. In a word, it cannot be generalized. The thicker and longer cigars are not necessarily more fragrant and thicker.

Nine of the Ten Commandments: Abstain from smoking in public places. Cigars will affect other people and their own health. This is not necessarily safer than cigarettes, and the inherent strong smoke smell and spread of cigars make it more likely to cause discomfort or even distaste to others. Therefore, in addition to a fixed cigar bar or comparison, Outside of a familiar place, smoking cigars is more appropriate.

Ten of Ten Commandments: Abuse “Abuse”. Some people like to smoke in public places – to be precise, to perform smoking cigars. On the one hand, this is mostly misled by cigar merchants. On the other hand, it is estimated to be one of the special manifestations of exposure. Because of its shape, cigars often become symbols of some kind of kinky. Of course, shape is only an objective factor, and the metaphor of cigars is actually more related to price, gender, identity, and rights. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why few men hold bananas and eggplant dances and dances in public.