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  • Horacio – Colosso Limited Edition 2017

    Without compromise this Maduro vitola is perfectly built and dense. Its gleaming and oily wrapper augur a particular moment with this fellow.
  • Horacio – Jacques Chancel Edition Especial 2017

    This Vitola was created in honour to the great educated man and cigar aficionado « Jacques Chancel ». This magnificent maduro cigar with a double ring reveals crude a leather and tannin melody.The perfect draft offers a quick and intense introduction. The generous and extensive swirls caress the palate softly. Nuts and precious wood scents dominate the tasting.During the second third, the rhythm accelerates, the cigar reveals itself, the light spices and precious wood set in.
  • Horacio – Sled Edition Especial 2017

    This majestic module fits perfectly with the range of Horacio Cigars. It was created in honour of Pierre Sled a symbolic character of the French sports broadcasting.Like a Rugby player in the center of a scrum the Sled is a chunk. Its smoothness to the touch reveals the quality of a perfect rolling. Due to its sorely chosen tobaccos the cigar is dense. Its flavours fidget the nose with eloquence. The first puffs are suave and light. While savouring your cigar it empowers softly. Some wooden notes embrace the leather touch. Reaching first half, the volute warms up, the aromatic roundness becomes oilier and the unctuousness of the honey combined to the liquorice composes a well-balanced finish.
  • Horacio – V Classic

    This beautiful “Short Magnum” with a very tied foot and a rich and oily coat releases very complex scents of nuts and green pepper.Its construction is exemplary and offers scents of dry herbs and undergrowth. The first puff of smoke offer a nice length in mouth. The fragrances of precious wood and nuts touch the palate with delicacy and in harmony.Its relative power and pepper scents offer a cigar you do not want to quit with.
  • Horacio – XXL Limited Edition 2017

    An extraordinary cigar! That is the first adjective that comes to mind when one encounters the Horacio XXL for the first time. This cigar is not only extraordinary in size: its quality of production meets the high standards of the brand, as further evidenced by its perfect draw. The aromatic background is centred on white pepper and leather, with herbal notes. Its development progresses within the usual range of a Horacio, with great chewiness and a well-sustained aroma.