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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We are pleased to introduce an one price policy, the prices of Duties available on our website are the amounts to be billed (order total amount less than HK1,000 require to pay the shipping fee).
We offer express delivery for all order, approximately 10 -18 working days will receive the goods.

Humidipak is a revolutionary breakthrough in humidity control for packaging. It’s the first natural, non-electronic humidity control devise in the world that will add or deplete moisture as needed to maintain a specific and constant level of humidity. This system has stability over a broad range of temperatures, maintaining an optimal humidity-controlled environment. The Humidipak is designed to fit virtually any type of container or package. Their advanced patented technology is natural and humidifies your containers with pure water vapor-there are no messy chemicals or activation needed. It’s completely maintenance-free.

To guarantee freshness, boxes of cigars are shipped air-tight and loose cigars and samplers are shipped utilizing the Humidipak humidification system.

Humidipak technology has revolutionized the cigar industry when it comes to portable, constant humidity cigar storage. Simgle stick cigar orders include one Humidipak. It will keep cigars in the same condition as an electronic humidor, 70% humidity. Just add one Humidipak to your small humidor and your cigars will stay in perfect, factory-fresh condition. Each package lasts 3 month’s.