Cigar Storage Knowledge

The cigar should be placed in a box with a relative humidity of 68-74%, because the humid cigar can be burned evenly. Too dry cigars are crumbly and burn quickly after being lit. The cigars are a bit boring and slightly bitter; but do not think The more humid the better, the damp cigar burns unevenly, with a strong sour taste, pay attention to [happy] [pleasant]

Cigar Box

Dear members, with this cigar special cedar moisturizing wooden box, plus this pack of 72 moisturizing packs do not have to fear the deterioration of the cigar

2 colors: black / red

Cigar Box Cigar Box

The wooden box is made of cedar wood. The cedar wood can keep the humidity. There is a hygrometer on the wooden box so that you can always know the humidity of the cigar in the wooden box. Plus the moisturizing pack, the wooden box is too wet. It will absorb moisture, and if it is not wet enough, it will release moisture and keep the relative humidity at about 72%. This is not afraid that the cigar will be destroyed and it will be a waste of good smoke.

Good smoke is not easy to find, but if you find one, you won’t be willing to smoke.